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The Rowe Family

After a long hard days work in the vineyard we may look like a bunch of ragamuffins but we love what we do.

Our store

7533 Cr 308 Grandview TX. 76050

Only open on designated days until further notice.


Understanding our shipping

We are working hard to get you your wine as quickly and as easily as possible.

1. We do have a limited shipping zone/radius of about 30 miles so if we are bringing your wine to our workplace or meet up, please select "ship" and give the address where you will be picking up your wine, i.e. hospital, school, steel mill address. We do this because we will be hand delivering ALL wine products.

2. If you want to pick up your wine be aware that our winery will not be open FULL TIME for the time being, so pay attention to pick up times and locations.

3. Please don't buy merchandise and shirts at the same time because it won't work.

We are Brand New to all of this so have some patience please.